Green City Simulation Library

The planning, optimisation or evaluation of district and building energy systems requires exact values and calculations.
Green City/ SimulationX is a handy planning tool that helps to find reliable solutions quickly and precisely. The model libraries map all components of modern energy supply systems. In addition to building and plant models, usage and control behavior, storage facilities of all kinds, charging infrastructures and electric vehicle fleets are integral components of Green City/ SimulationX. For research and pilot projects, Green City/ SimulationX can be used to generate own models and integrate these into connected systems.

Planning the energy supply of buildings and districts in no time – Green City/ SimulationX
Green City working enivronment – dynamic, fast and easy to handle

Green City, simple and precise to…

  • …ensure energy supply
  • …compare overheads vs. investment costs
  • …utilize renewable potential
  • …integrate energy storage units
  • …simulate user behavior
  • …optimally control power plants
  • …exploit subsidies
  • …consider building regulations

Use Green City yourself to…

  • …model the desired energy system using Green Building system components
  • …include relevant measurement data for energy demand and human behavior
  • …compare and Validate model parameters with measurement data and statistics
  • …calculate overall energy demand, renewable gains regarding different system and controller configurations
  • …connect your own controller applications to open-standard Modelica®-interfaces of Green Building components – Run system as SiL (Software-in-the-loop) and HiL (Hardware-in-the-loop) test bench for your applications

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