Monitoring and Energy Audits

To know what is going on

Modern energy supply is often decentralized, renewable and not static anymore. This increases the demands for engineers, architects and planners right now. A more precise analysis provides using hidden potentials, finding errors, delete them an save ready cash. Who needs data capture systems if nobody interprets it?


Our Services

  • Metering, analyse and evaluation of  consumption data
  • Analysis of ISO50001 metering data
  • Energy audits for EN 16247
  • System evaluation und evaluation of combined energy systems (CHP, solar thermal, PV, wind power, biogas plants, heat pumps, ice storages, heat storages, , e-mobility and much more)
  • Remote maintenance and monitoring of plant systems


Your Benefits

  • Energy and cost savings
  • Optimized plant control
  • Efficient mode of operation
  • possible tax reductions
  • Our Services are eligible for grants