Dynamic plant calculations

With our Green City model library, we have the ability to model every energy supply concept. This also applies to facilities that go beyond the current state of the art. It allows us to simulate new storage technologies like latent heat storage based on paraffin and ice. To evaluate their usefulness and cost-effectiveness in the context of building energy is no problem for us.
Green City model groups

  • Environmental conditions
  • Building (-zones)
  • Producer (power, heat, cold)
  • Energy consumer
  • Storage units (power, heat, cold)


Thermal_Thermally_Heated_Boiler_PNG Thermal heat storage  Electrical_Charging_Station_PNG E-charging infrastructur
 Electrical_Photovoltaics_PNG Photovoltaic  Electrical_Micro-Wind_PNG Micro-Wind
 Components_Heat_Pump_PNG Heat pump  Thermal_Solar_Thermal_PNG Solar thermal
 Thermal_District_Heating_Grid_PNG Thermal district heat grid  Blockheizkraft CHP
 Eispeicher Ice storage  Electrical_Battery_PNG  Battery