Dynamic Plant Calculations

Based on characteristic data, physical properties and energetic behaviour our manufacturer-independent Green City models, enable the representation of all relevant system components, of a modern energy supply system. Economic viability, efficiency and feasibility can be evaluated time and cost-effectively and provide persuasive sale arguments. The Green City model library is constantly being expanded and is additionally, ideal for testing new products and pilot systems in an energy network.
Green City model groups

  • Environmental conditions
  • Building (-zones)
  • Producer (power, heat, cold)
  • Energy consumers
  • Storage units (power, heat, cold)
  • Electric mobility (charging infrastructure, vehicle models, load behaviour)


Thermal_Thermally_Heated_Boiler_PNG Thermal heat storage  Electrical_Charging_Station_PNG E-charging infrastructur
 Electrical_Photovoltaics_PNG Photovoltaic  Electrical_Micro-Wind_PNG Micro-Wind
 Components_Heat_Pump_PNG Heat pump  Thermal_Solar_Thermal_PNG Solar thermal
 Thermal_District_Heating_Grid_PNG Thermal district heat grid  Blockheizkraft CHP
 Eispeicher Ice storage  Electrical_Battery_PNG  Battery