Thermal and Hydraulic District-Heating Calculations

As part of optimizing the district heating network of a large district town in Saxony, a model-based grid analysis of the hydraulic and thermal behaviour was necessary. To implement this, the planned renewal and expansion of the district heating grid in February/March 2017 was transferred into a Green City/SimulationX simulation model. Subsequently, the model was used to evaluate preferential variants and planned control regimes (e.g. grid topology, weak points, solar thermal feed-in, grid hydraulics).  The developed simulation model was adapted to four final grid configurations and the hydraulics as well as the resulting boundary conditions for the two heating plants, investigated. The results provided the end customer with a solid basis for deciding on the development and operation of the district heating grid.

Easy Steps, Large Impact: Small steps, big levers: Model-based optimization of district heating grids
Network model and 16 variants compared – only one month thanks to Green City Heat

Our Service

  • Dynamic model development of district heating grids with Green City/ SimulationX
  • Impact evaluation of second heating plant on yearly heat supply
  • Investigation of overall system behaviour dependent on planned control regimes
  • Specific pressure and heat loss calculations of individual variants
  • Identification of grid pump requirements of the central heating plant (pressure surge, mass flow)
  • Specifications for the grid feed-in points (boiler, CHP, etc.)

Advantages for the energy supplier

  • Optimal selection and dimensioning of technical equipment
  • Validated specifications for system control and flow temperatures
  • Reduction of pressure and temperature losses
  • Investment and operating cost security
  • Solid foundations for post-optimization