Charging Infrastructure Projects

The easyCharge charging infrastructure is ideal for research, development and pilot projects. Our customers include:

Technical University Dresden:
As part of the EnMover, E-City-Routing and EMiD research projects, several charging stations and a Wallbox load management system were set up and connected to the easyCharge web platform. These projects focus on ICT networking and the demand-oriented use of the charging infrastructure. The project is part of the “Schaufensters Bayern-Sachsen – Elektromobilität verbindet”.

Technische Werke Ludwigshafen:
We support TWL in pilot projects with charging stations and studies to plan future infrastructure and electromobility requirements.

Villa Stonewater:
One of our first charging stations enabeles the vehicle charging to be integrhated into the building energy management system.

TU Chemnitz:
The project fahrE uses our charging stations hardware for research and the development of operating and control software, fahrE.