Large-Scale Monitoring Sonthofen

Over a period of two years, EA Systems conducted intensive monitoring of the complex plant system of the Sonthofen school. The operational insights of the system enabled a significant increase in the energy efficiency of the passive house school and resulted in reduced operating costs. The project illustrates the importance of valid tests and verifications after the commissioning of energy supply systems.

Sonthofen - Lageplan

Our Services

  • Extension, maintenance and operation of the EnOB-compliant monitoring system for measurement data recording over two years
  • Verification with regard to the energy saving targets set prior to modernisation
  • Validation of the plant and control system incl. optimization measures


  • Significant, long-term increase in the efficiency of the energy system and reduction of operating costs (especially in the low-temperature range, heat pump operation)
  • Optimisation proposal for the improvement of plant controls and operation
  • Specification of the energy savings