Energy Concept – Sport Facilities Oberhof

EA Systems Dresden GmbH is contributor in the development of a sustainable and efficient energy concept for the Oberhof sports facilities. In addition to surveying the initial state and the evaluation of individual measures in the sports facilities, a heating and cooling grid for these, is also being investigated. Major winter sport events and secure training conditions, even in summer, pose non-trivial challenges in the planning process.


Simulation model of plant technology of the planned heating plant
Concept for the pipeline layout of the planned combined heat supply in Oberhof

Our Services

  • Survey and data collection incl. load profile generation
  • Modelling and simulation as a contribution to a holistic energy concept
  • Model-based evaluation of the developed preferential variants
  • Documentation and formulation of results

Project Goals

  • Operating coss reduction of the sports facilities, specifically regarding electricity costs
  • Integration of renewable energies with the underlying goal of a sustainable cooling system
  • Application of process integration for cold and heat supply
  • Demonstration of the potential of local heating and cooling grids
  • Ensuring the availability of a sufficient amount of snow for the organisation of international competitions