Energy-Oriented Modernisation -School and Sports Center Lohr

In the course of the renovation of the school and sports complex Lohr a.M., the goal is to minimize natural gas consumption by 80%. This will be achieved through the sophisticated combination of PV-supplied heat pumps, CHP units, environmental heat absorbers, ice and stratified heat storage. EA Systems Dresden evaluated the system concept and advised the planners. Subsystems and their interaction were simulated, component sizes varied and the effects of changes on the operating regime investigated. In addition, a model-based test environment for the development of the control system was developed for the project partners on the basis of the simulation models created.

The implemented measures are currently being analysed and evaluated as part of an intensive monitoring process. Within the plausibility tests the real values are compared with the model enabling a comprehensive analysis of the energy system.


Our Services

  • Plausibility and validation of the system concept
  • Behaviour modelling of the complex system technology
  • Energy monitoring and measurement data analysis in the commissioning phase

Project Results

  • Optimisation specifications for the sizing and selection of technical systems
  • Specifications for system control
  • Validated test environment for control system development
  •  Calculation basis for cost/benefit comparisons and variant investigations
  • Measures for system adaptation of future construction phases