Green City is coming

Green Building becomes Green City

EA Systems Dresden GmbH is building bridges between common plant design and modern control technology. What has been proven on the building, is getting transferred to city-scale now.

The power supply of today is more complex then ever. Previously a boiler in the basement and a cable from the ground were enough to supply a building with heat and electricity. Today heat and cold storages, heat pumps, CHPs, smart metering, charging stations and many other components are part of energy systems. This raises the demands on planners and operators. EA Systems Dresden creates a link between the trades architecture, technical equipment planners, electric power supply and the current challenges of multivalent power generation facilities and data acquisition. With the Green Building – now Green City – Simulation Library our engineers provide accurate system models by means of which freely parametrizable variants can be simulated. As a result, potential sources of error getting identified before construction. Furthermore it is possible to simulate and test user scenarios and malfunctions in short time. For our ​​monitoring services the system models are used for validation and optimization.

From building to city – The Green City simulation tool