Consulting for municipalities & industry

Energy system design / conceptualization
No matter if city, district or industrial site - we create integrative concepts for a sustainable, affordable and smart energy supply and use. Thanks to the combination of regenerative energy use, local storage, intelligent energy management and the consideration of synergy effects resulting from sector coupling, your location will be supplied with energy independently, green and cheaply in the future.
Energy audit (DIN EN 16247)
Today's energy supply is often decentralized, partly regenerative and thus no longer static. Together with our long-term partner and member of our scientific advisory board, we perform energy audits for you according to DIN EN 16247. For a valid plant calculation and system evaluation, we use specially developed simulation technologies and pursue a model-based solution and optimization approach in order to elicit maximum savings potential and optimization opportunities for you.
Model-based energy optimization
With Industry 4.0, plant systems are also becoming more extensive, smarter and increasingly complex. In general, the more complex and extensive a system is, the more susceptible it is to errors. This in turn results in optimization potentials. In order to uncover these potentials for you and to define appropriate implementation measures, we use a model-based solution approach. In this approach, a digital twin of your energy and plant system is modeled and then fed with measurement data. Based on the results and the fine granular resolution of the simulation model, sources of error and optimization potentials can be localized.
easyCharge2 platform for electromobility
Do you need an intelligent and flexibly configurable charging solution? With easyCharge2, we have the solution for you, whether it's a charging station, wallbox or a combination of various hardware components with a control unit. easyCharge2 is manufacturer-independent and offers interfaces to billing systems, fleet management and charging systems and operator models. Stay flexible and make your fleet management smart, efficient and simple, whether from your laptop, tablet or cell phone.
Predictive charging and load management
In today's age, AI-based charging and load systems are part of everyday life for fleet managers and operators. For electric vehicle charging, forecasting and model predictive control can be harnessed. Do you want your electric vehicles to be charged as economically and efficiently as possible? Then you've come to the right place, because we develop smart, predictive algorithms.

Simulations & Planning Tools

Multi-domain System Simulation & Digital Twin
Based on characteristic data, physical properties and the energetic behavior in the network, our manufacturer-independent Green City models represent all relevant system components of a modern energy supply system. This allows economic viability, efficiency and feasibility to be demonstrated quickly and cost-effectively, and provides you with valid sales arguments.
Green City Simulation Library
The planning, optimization or evaluation of district and building energy systems, as well as the energetic plant systems requires exact values and calculations. You need valid simulation results and correct answers to your questions? No problem! The Green City Simulation Library for SimulationX is a handy planning tool. It helps you to get reliable solutions and exact results quickly and precisely.
District Heating Grids 4.0
The district heating grid simulation creates supply and planning security for municipal utilities, producers & grid operators. This technology is a long-term, sustainable method to optimize existing supply networks on the one hand and to plan new route sections and district heating grids on the other hand. Be prepared for current and future problems, issues and related decisions such as the decarbonization of supply grids and the energy transition itself and adapt your supply grids to new framework conditions of a future-oriented energy supply.
SIL and HIL test environment
Whether software or hardware - with the help of a SIL and HIL test environment, software and hardware can be tested under pseudo-real conditions and any scenarios can be run through and tested quickly and precisely without affecting the real system.
Customized model development
You can't find a suitable tool for your problem? We use our existing simulation libraries to solve your problem. If your specific case cannot be covered by our components, we develop new components, models and tools for you. Thus, the development and testing of innovative algorithms, new methods, tools and examples for the next generation of smart grid interactions between vehicles, buildings and storage systems are no longer a problem.

Technical monitoring

Visualization and analysis
Valid bases for decision-making require reliable measured values. You have data and want to visualize or analyze it? Then we can help you. Whether just for visual presentation or for active working with the data, we develop API and technician cockpits together with you, tailored to your requirements and use cases.
Scientific energy monitoring according to EnOB
What good are expensive energy data acquisition systems (ISO50001) if no one interprets the results? In order to optimize complex plant systems and associated processes machimally, commissioning monitoring after new construction or renovation already pays off in the first year. You are an OEM, industrial park / district operator or industrial research institute and want to operate your site optimally? We develop innovative monitoring concepts for you, install measurement technology with our partners, and record and analyze a wide variety of large data volumes together with you.
Efficiency optimization from ISO 50001 data
AarteLink Environmental Hazards Monitor
Do you want to minimize the dangers to road and rail traffic from rockfalls, debris flows? Or do you want to protect employees to the maximum during the rehabilitation of a closed mine? Both are no problem thanks to our AarteLink monitor for environmental hazards. With it, you can monitor rock movements and many other environmental hazards over long periods of time and inform responsible parties promptly and reliably.
EASD monitoring server on site and as a service

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