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As Emloyer we offer

  • A young and innovative company with a wide range of activities
  • Versatile and interesting career with a high degree of personal initiative and responsibility
  • The opportunity to participate in the development of our company
  • Active participation in internal processes as well as influencing the company‘s orientation
  • The opurtunity to develop personally and professionally

Topics for Diploma/Master Thesis

  • Optimized charging of a large fleet of electric company-vehicles
  • Optimized use of batteries (peak shaving, emergency power, PV power utilization)
  • Energy management in buildings including HVAC technology
  • Modeling of vehicle owners using electric vehicles
  • Estimating the charging time in a dynamic environment with limited charging capacity
  • Simulation-based evaluation of the operation of an EV fleet with coupling to a smart building
  • Controller and UI design for home energy management system (HEMS)
  • Metamodeling of building simulation modules to increase simulation performance
  • Use of self-learning controllers for energy systems
  • Symbolic regression to learn simple building models


We offer students who study electrical engineering, mechatronics or computer science, first professional experience

Personal Apllication

If you are interested in employment at EA Systems and could not find an applicable job offer on our website, feel free to send us a personal application as a pdf.
Postal Adress: Mr. Torsten Schwan, EA Systems Dresden GmbH, Würzburger Str. 14, 01187 Dresden