2020 – New challenges

“A rolling stone gathers no moss.” In addition to evolutionary improvements to our tools, we face exciting new challenges such as the integration of machine learning and standardized exchange formats such as BIM into our simulation and monitoring platforms.

EasyCharge 2 components can be found in more and more charging infrastructure systems.

Overnight, our daily operations moved to home office. Preparation and an agile team make it possible to continue projects without delay for our customers.

the journey continues…

2018-2019 – Broad Portfolio of Solutions

Green City Library is further expanded to not only include energy supply plants but also district heating networks. The Heating Grid Library is a new tool for heating and cooling networks. The MATCHUP project starts in Dresden.
At the end of 2019 we had the opportunity to present our simulation technologies at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.
In the Kirnitz Valley and in Schmilka the first AarteLink systems in Germany go into operation. They will monitor rock movement in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains for the next years.
The new Phokus IoT management platform is developed for Photon AG, a long-standing customer.

2016-2017 – Growth

The Green Building Library takes an evolutionary leap and becomes the Green City Library with new elements for large-scale generators, storage, charging infrastructure and vehicle fleets.

EASD is growing continuously. EASD is active in the Energy Saxony cluster and in the CLEANTECH Initiative East Germany (CIO).


2014-2015 – Measuring and Simulating Electric Mobility

Electric vehicle charging evolves from outdoor AC plug to a sophisticated infrastructure. EASD supports various pilot projects with simulation technology and software. Renewable controlled charging, flexible user interface, detailed measurement of the charging process and grid feedback – the new easyCharge 2 platform makes it possible.

As partner of Aartesys AG from Switzerland, EASD develops the web monitor for the new AarteLink warning system for geo-hazards.

2013 – EA Systems Dresden GmbH takes off

EASD focuses on the development of the latest simulation technology, consulting and software for energy monitoring and electric mobility. Our customers are mainly from the industrial and municipal sectors.

Commissioned by the Lohmen and Oberhof municipalities, we pioneered the incorporation of simulation studies into future energy supply concepts.

Under the brand name Green Building Library, the new energy system simulation technology is available worldwide through our partner ESI ITI GmbH.

2009-2012 – Technology development and first applications

The concept for the energetic conversion of the residential-quarter, Dresden Gorbitz built in the 80’s, receives a gold medal from the Federal Ministry for Building and Urban Development in a nationwide competition.

Together with Torsten Schwan and TU Dresden, the framework project ‘Residence and Mobility’ is begun. The aim is to develop basic technologies for electric mobility, building energy management and energy system simulation.

Thanks to extensive development work, several building-integrated wind turbines were built and successfully put into operation.

2008 – Reference Building

The reference house in Bad Saarow is built. It integrates CO2 heat pump, thermal long-term storage, large PV systems and charging facilities for electric vehicles. René Unger takes over the task of developing suitable energy management and monitoring systems within the company.

2006 – Die Anfänge

Dr. Mikoleit and Dr. Bodo Wolf founded EA EnergieArchitektur GmbH with the aim of combining pioneering architecture with modern decentralized energy supply. Subsequently, designs for energy self-sufficient luxury living and long-term thermal storage based on transcritical, CO2 high-temperature heat pumps were developed.

The groundbreaking technology, first tested in this project, was further developed by thermea GmbH into large industrial heat pumps. Today these heat pumps, named thermeco, are used in highly efficient industrial air dryers, refrigeration and heat supply systems.