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Smart City Dresden – EA Systems Dresden simulating high efficiency district

In the course of the next five years Dresden will become a Smart City through the engineering expertise of EA Systems Dresden. The European Commisson confirmed the Horizon 2020 project “MAtchUP” and will provide 17,5 million Euro to support sustainablility and intelligent interconnectivity. Besides Cologne, Hamburg and Munich, Dresden will become the 4th lighthouse city in Germany.

What is planned

The district of Dresden, Johannstadt will be transformed into an energy efficiency district. Among the realisation of individual measures MAtchUP strives to create scalable and transferable solutions for other cities.  The following goals have been set:

    • Modernisation of residental buildings including PV-facilities and charging stations
    • Connecting local renewable energies, storage and smart control systems (e.g. tenant electricity models)
    • Develop a grid serving district storage system and its control strategies
    • Implement Charging infrastructures for e-mobility and smart mobility hubs
    • Plan and connect intelligent and sustainable street lighting
    • Design a Central Building Control Center (CBCC) to capture energy data of public buildings

Tasks of EA Systems Dresden GmbH

EA Systems Dresden is part of seven work packages. With it’s capabilities of model-based system simulation EA Systems Dresden plays an important role in the project as a whole. “We will develop and simulate a city district model of Johannstadt. In which we integrate and combine different strategies, measures and technologies. With this we will be able to reduce noise pollution, CO2 emissions and energy costs and thus create a better living environment for the local residents,” explains René Unger, CEO of EA Systems Dresden. The concrete work packages of EA Systems Dresden will be:

  • Modelling the project area (residential buildings, schools, charging infrastructures and tenant electricity models)
  • Development of a Green City district simulation model and its energy systems
  • Planning and operating strategies of a central district electricity storage
  • Test of concept variants und controlling strategies
  • Technical consulting for Central Building Control Center (CBCC)
  • Technical consulting for smart street lighting
  • Monitoring and evaluation of implemented measures

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