Energy Concept Lohmen

Concept for sustainable and affordable supply of energy for the historical center of the municipality Lohmen
EA Systems developed an integrative concept for renewable and cost-effective energy supply for the historical centre of Lohmen (Saxony). Our solution, the connection of renewable energy use, local storage and intelligent energy management will provide Lohmen with energy that is independent, green and cost effective.

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Surveying and Data Aggregation

  • Total energy consumption analysis
  • Renewable energy potential
  • Possible integration into existing energy grids
  • Consideration of sociological adn demographic factors
  • Development scenarios of overall energy balance

Comparison of Detailed System Concepts

  •  for single-building energy supply
  • t for local district heating grids
  • for renewable electrical energy supply
  •  for structural and architectural reconstruction of buildings
  • for communication design