Zero-Energy School Wermsdorf

The municipality of Wermsdorf intends to erect a new two-storey primary school with a zero energy standard. The building will be heated by an efficient heat pump with geothermal probes. In the building itself, the available storage mass (concrete core activation) will be utilized to increase the efficiency of low-temperature heating. To support the planners of IPROconsult, EA Systems Dresden GmbH carried out model-based assessments of the energy demand, the system and control concepts.

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Illastration 1 and 2: Front- und side view of the primary school (Source: IPROconsult)

Thermal and System Simulation

  • Modelling of system technology and control
  • Identification of heat and electrical energy demand by dynamic simulation of usage and building characteristics
  • Determination of room/zone-wise thermal and electrical loads
  • Documentation according to EnEV 2016 for non-residential buildings (energy requirement certificate) and EEWärmeG

Control and Monitoring Optimization

  • Specifications for individual room air control systems and design of heating and ventilation technology
  • Model-supported investigation of system variants
  • Model-supported investigation of system controlling
  • Simulation of a preferential variant and determination of the optimum control system as well as investment and operating costs