Valid Energy Concept – Dresden Inner-City

With environmental awareness and a holistic approach, Prime Power Systems Holding is currently developing a modern residential park in Dresden’s city centre. The seven residential buildings will offer space for 240 apartments and have an underground car park including loading points for electric vehicles. In addition, a seminar building and a therapeutic health centre including an aqua facility will be built on the site. The EnergyArchitects of EA Systems Dresden GmbH supported PPS Holding with model-based calculations of various energy supply variants. The preferential variant is a local heating supply with CHP and PV systems for an optimal balance between investment and operating costs. Further information on this project can be found in the following video.

No unpleasant suprises thanks to EA’s concept validation, Source: PPS Holding GmbH
Green energy and low costs, Source: PPS Holding GmbH

Valid Energy Supply Concepts

  • Demand and load forecasts
    – Annual cooling load and demand
    – Annual heating load and heating demand
  •  Variant comparison of different supply concepts
    – Overall comparison of CO2 footprint
    – Overall comparison of primary energy demand
    – Overall comparison of energy, operating and investment costs
  • Price increase (inflation) and maintainance costs

General Economic Conditions

  • Remuneration & duties according current legal situation
    – KWK-G
    – EEG
    – StromNEV
  • Prices and overhead growth rates
    – Power
    – District heating
    – Natural gas
  • Maintainance costs and insurance