AarteLink Monitor – Web Platform for Multisensor Systems

Aartelink is a revolutionary geosensor system from the Swiss company Aartesys. It is used for detecting and alerting of natural hazards. Due to its low installation costs, long service life (battery: 10 years) and maintenance-free operation, it is ideal to remotely monitor areas with potential hazards. Possible applications are, for example, the monitoring of decommissioned or opencast mines as well as safety nets on railway lines and roads. The multi-sensors can be installed anywhere (nets, ripcords and walls) and register movements of the ground (subsidence, inclination, vibration). EA Systems Dresden GmbH has developed the AarteLink Monitor administration system, which collects, evaluates and transmits the sensor signals.

A AarteLink Sensor attached to a safety net
With EA Systems Dresden everything at a glance – The AarteLink Monitor

AarteLink – System Overview

  • GeoSensor
    Durable and sealed housing, long battery life, high transmission range and remote calibration
  • Operations Center
    From mobile phones to control systems
  • Local Signalling
    Independent warning unit with wire or radio connection
  • Gateway
    Interface between sensors and monitor to any operating center

AarteLink Monitor

  • Web-based monitoring of systems and sensors in real time
  • Configuration of sensors and gateways and testing of system
  • Separate SMS server for alarm forwarding (e-mail, SMS)
  • Monitoring through periodic life signals of the sensors
  • Operational here: Lawinenwarnsystem Sättelital UR (Schweiz)