Aartelink is a revolutionary geo-sensor system from the Swiss company Aartesys AG. It is used to detect and alert in case of natural hazards. Due to its low installation costs, long service life (battery: 10 years) and maintenance-free operation, it is ideal for remote monitoring of areas with potential hazards. Possible applications are, for example, the monitoring of (disused) mines or open-cast mines as well as safety nets on railway lines and roads. The multisensor can be installed anywhere (nets, ripcords and walls) and register movements in the ground ( drop, inclination, vibration). EA Systems Dresden GmbH has created the administration system AarteLink Monitor for AarteLink, which collects, evaluates and transmits the signals of the sensors.

A short video report from MDR

AarteLink - System Overview

  • GeoSensor
    Tight, robust housing, extended battery life, high radio range and remote calibration
  • Operations Center
    From mobile phones to control systems
  • local signalling
    Independent warning unit with connection via wire or radio
  • Gateway
    Interface between sensors and monitoring to any control center

AarteLink Monitoring

  • Web-based monitoring of systems and sensors in real time
  • Configuration of sensors and gateways and system testing
  • Separate SMS Server for alarm forwarding (e-mail, SMS)
  • Monitoring through periodic sensor life signals
  • Here in action: avalanche warning system Sättelital UR (Switzerland)