Concept Validation Laurichhof Pirna

By means of a dynamic simulation of the planned Laurichhof’s energy concept, EA Systems supported the TGA planners in the design and operation of the multivalent plant system. Particularly the analysis of the storage units (ice and heat storage) in interaction with the solar collectors proved to be an efficiency-enhancing measure.

Complex, integrated energy concept Laurichhof (Artwork: SEIDEL+ARCHITEKTEN)
The plant system as a simulation model

Our Services

  • Examination and modelling of the planned system concept
  •  Variant comparison of solar collectors and ice storage with regard to their sizing
  • Design of control regimes based on a coupled simulation of system technology and loads (heat, cold, electrical energy)

Our Solutions

  • Decisionmaking for the dimensioning of ice storages and solar thermal collectors
  • Basic assessments for profitability analysis (average annual consumption + yields for energy sources (gas, electricity, reg. energy))
  • Control specifications for storage and overall system (water heating, ice and heat storage)