District heating system concept – Haßfurt

Through the investigation of a three-stage local heating network for a planned new development area of the city of Haßfurt, EA Systems Dresden supported and advised in the design, dimensioning and control structure of the energy concept. Due to the predominantly renewable heat generation, different temperature levels and the central heat storage, EA Systems Dresden was able to use its simulation expertise and thus contribute valid test results during the planning phase.

Investigations of a renewable local heating network
Optimization through simulation – the model of the district heating system Haßfurt

Our Services

  • Simulation and comparison of different concept variants
  • Detailed investigation of  local heating network and building connection
  •  Consultant in the development of a control structure and control technology test


  • Comparison of variants concerning economic effiency and environmental friendliness
  • Energetic parameters (e.g. primary energy consumption) as a basis for decision-making
  • Proposals for optimized producer connectivity
  • Proposal for the dimensioning and arrangement / integration of heat storage