A variety of tools already exist for the simulation of the different physical and technical processes in building energy systems. During their development, the main focus is generally on a specific domain. For example, the GreenCity library of EA Systems Dresden GmbH focuses mainly on systems engineering. The building models contained in the library calculate the basic thermal processes of a building such as heat exchange with the environment via convection and thermal radiation including the effect of shading and heat input from internal loads. The thermodynamic processes in the building zone, however, are generalized and assumed to be homogeneous. Simulation programs specializing in buildings, such as the BIM HVACTool from Tian Building Engineering, also calculate detailed processes in the building.
In order to combine the strengths of the different simulation tools, the research project EnTool:CoSim has already extensively tested the basic principles for coupling simulation tools from different manufacturers via the interfaces of the Functional Mockup Interface Standard (FMI).

Via this interface and an exchange of knowledge and experience between the project partners, the detailed building simulation in the BIM HVACTool is now to be extended by various standard ventilation systems from Modelica/SimulationX and the ventilation distribution infrastructure of buildings.

The project is divided into the following work packages

  • Expansion of the NANDRAD simulation framework by the partner TU Dresden to include air distribution systems
  • Extension and further development of model components for ventilation systems by EA Systems
  • Coordination of a useful, high-performance and user-friendly interface concept between the two systems
  • Creation of a selection of ventilation system templates and testing thereof, in interaction with sample building models