The Technische Werke Ludwigshafen (TWL) is dedicated to offering its customers the most modern energy solutions. The expansion of electric mobility is an important pillar of future energy infrastructure. Together with EA Systems Dresden the first steps into a new mobility and energy age have been taken. In September 2015 the first two charging pillars of the latest generation were put into operation in the Walzmühle car park of the Ludwigshafen Congress and Marketing Company (LUKOM). A total of up to 6 vehicles can be loaded here. The project is accompanied by an extensive monitoring campaign. The measured data of grid and usage behavior will enable the optimal design of further charging islands. They will be individually adapted to the requirements of the site and thus reduce the costs of the future charging infrastructure and its grid connection.

EA Systems supports the TWL with

  • Study on the development of charging and mobility needs
  • Study on billing systems available on the market
  • Study on current technologies and their future development
  • Concepts for load and charge management
  • Joint pilot projects
  • Technical evaluation and controlling in the context of monitoring