easyCharge, is the in-house charging system solution of EA Systems Dresden GmbH. It offers its users an intelligent and adaptable charging solution. No matter if charging station, wallbox or as a combination of different hardware components with a control unit - easyCharge can be individually customized to suit our customers. easyCharge is manufacturer independently and offers interfaces to billing systems, fleet management and charging systems and operator models. Enclosed charging solutions with low intelligence and communication capabilities are incapable of meeting the requirements of modern charging infrastructure. EA Systems Dresden offers cost-effective and intelligent charging solutions using interface modules and control software made of standard components.

Hardware and Components

  • Configurable charging sockets
    – Type2 16A, 32A, 16/32A switchable
    – Schuko
    – ISO 15118 / Powerline as desired
    – EnergyBus
  • Comfortable control via 8" touch display
  • Design and visualization according to customer requirements
  • Access control as desired (RFID, PIN, etc.)
  • Coupling of different charging solutions (wallbox systems, multi-column variants)
  • Freely configurable charging sockets (Type2 16A, 32A, 16/32A, DC, EnergyBus, Schuko, ISO 15118, Powerline)
  • Operating and control units for wallboxes of different manufacturers (e.g. for parking garages and car parks)
  • Integration into energy management systems and local networks
  • Phase-wise grid monitoring (voltage, frequency, reactive power)
  • Recording of operating and environmental data

Features and Platform Solutions

  • Operation via mobile devices (app)
  • Adaptive charge and load management (compliance with connected load and charge power)
  • Forecasting and prioritization for fleet loading and management
  • Web-backend for user administration and billing
  • Interfaces and billing (OCPP, OSCP, plugsurfing, power ticket, etc.)
  • Monitoring and diagnosis (remote maintenance and updates)
  • Infrastructure and user administration
  • Vehicle fleet management
  • Configuration according to customer requirements
  • Open interfaces for the coupling of further modules: OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol), OSCP (Open Smart Charge Protocol)
  • Data acquisition and monitoring with high-frequency recording (1s)