About the Project

Special Features

  • Easy installation (climber with drill), commissioning & configuration from the office
  • Clear cockpit function
  • API for integration in M2M and GIS possible
  • Permanent storage of all measured data, export as CSV, Excel and customer specific formats
  • Sensors are maintenance-free: long battery life, sensors without cables, robust aluminium-ABS housing
  • Local alarming within seconds, via remote alarm units (siren, traffic light, CB radio) via radio link, cable or SMS
  • High-resolution measured values of an event (logs) can be read out of the sensor via radio
  • public websites (national park administration, mayor, ...) with live data, diagrams and active vector graphics
  • Extension possibility by customers
  • Monitor as software package for customer's own system or hosting possible, also available as a fixed price model
  • Automatic forwarding of sensor data and status to external systems and GIS via Internet
  • Language module CZ for Czech
  • Integration of special online monitoring through customer-specific modules
  • Automatic sending of status mails with prepared log data
  • Templating system for measurement data preparation Excel-Template + Monitor + Excel-Report

Benefits for Customers

  • Built and in operation in a very short time
  • GeoSensors energy autonomous up to 10 years
  • All system components remotely adjustable and maintainable
  • Enormous radio distance between sensor and gateway
  • Redundancy at all levels
  • End-to-end solution including AarteLink Monitor
  • Can be easily integrated into existing alarm control centres
  • Intelligent platform, easily extendable to new applications
  • GeoSensor extremely robust, water-proof and small
  • cost effective